Monday, January 25, 2010

Lovely Panino's

This little café was always my absolute favorite place to get breakfast in Sayulita. Thankfully, they opened two more locations in Bucerias which is so close to my parents place that I can walk there on the beach.

To wake up in the morning, walk on the beach with the waves crashing in to get the most delectable egg/sharp white cheddar/bacon bagel with a spicy chipotle sauce and a cappuccino to boot, pinch me my darlings, just pinch me.

Yesterday, I took the little man with me and he was in heaven with the blueberry pastry pictured. He topped off his meal with hot chocolate that consisted of melted chocolate mixed with heavy cream, whip cream topping and chocolate syrup dribbled on top. Afterwards we walked back home and I got to watch my son skip on the beach, throw rocks in the ocean and stop periodically to make "sand angels". Life is beautiful. xoxo - AJ

Panino's Information

Sayulita store # 1

Delfín # 1 Centro
Sayulita, Nayarit
c.p. 63732
Open every day from 7am-6pm

Bucerias store # 2

Plaza Los Amores
Local # 1
Terralta, Bucerias
Nayarit c.p. 63732
Open Mo-Sa from 7:30am-8pm
Sunday from 730am-4pm

Bucerias store # 3

Ave. México corner_w/Josefa O. de Dominguez
Playas Pacifico, Bucerias
Nayarit c.p. 63732
Open every day from 8am-4pm
Store operates from Nov-May

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