Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maple Bourbon Bacon Donuts

If there was ever a bakery that speaks to the rebel in me that wishes to spend days covered in tattoos, wearing leather pants and baking tasty treats, Bleeding Heart Bakery, would fit the bill. I secretly dream of working in a place where sugar and butter rule and is an escape for people in the middle of the endless workday.

I may not be able to work in sugar but my baking can be influenced by that life. This recipe is a variation of the sour cream donuts I made back in July and was inspired by the bacon obsession sweeping through Chicago. Bleeding Heart covers bacon in chocolate, sprinkles it on baked goods and injects it into cookies. I also had a maple bacon donut at Nightwood Café, which is located in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago and it was truly amazing. The maple frosting dripped seductively off the warm donut and the bacon was still glistening as if it had just been fried up on the spot. I had to taste it slowly and let it melt in my mouth so I could truly savor the mind-altering sensation that ensued after my first bite.

I changed the recipe a bit by eliminating the streusel topping and replacing it with crispy bacon bits on top of a bourbon maple glaze. Add as much or as little of the Bourbon as you like depending on the week you have been having. I put in about a tablespoon.

Final note, donuts, as anyone who has ever made them knows, is a bit of an undertaking but completely worth it.

Enjoy! AJ - xo


  1. Hi AJ,

    I'm very intrigued by your Maple Bacon Bourbon Donuts and was hoping to find the recipe posted here as well. Would you be willing to share your secret? I would love to make this.


  2. This recipe is actually just a variation on the Sour Cream Donuts that I posted in July 2010. You can click on the link "sour cream donuts" in the narrative and it will bring you to the recipe. I made the icing with bourbon, maple syrup and confectioners sugar. Mix until you get desired consistency, dip donuts into glaze and sprinkle with crisped, crumbled bacon bits.