Friday, January 29, 2010

A Carnival Mexican Style

Picture this; Lady Gaga and Kesha blasting from speakers the size of small houses, a guy yelling into those speakers, "chicas, chicas, chicas", a plethora of neon lights everywhere and women encased in tight clothing with high heels that would make stilts look like child's play. Where was I? I know the first thing that comes to mind is a child's carnival, no? Well, a child's carnival was indeed where I was and let me just say, they don't fool around with in your face fun. Having been in my fair share of dance clubs, the lights, music and people mixed with a million little kids running around was a little disconcerting.

So, after I got past my initial twilight zone confusion upon arrival at this extravaganza, I was able to focus on what I always focus on in any venue, food. I was absolutely fascinated by their snack carts piled high with caramelized bananas, fresh strawberries in tiered rows, enormous fluffy pancakes, hot dogs wrapped in fried soft dough, popcorn and cheese puffs inside bags that were big enough to hold a week's worth of laundry. Upon ordering, fruits and pancakes were doused in a sweetened cream sauce, more fruit was added on top of that, sprinkled with cinnamon and hit with a layer of chocolate. If you have never had a huge fluffy pancake with caramelized bananas on top and smothered in cream, chocolate and cinnamon, run out right now and get on it. It was a messy pile of excessively sweet fun that I could not get enough of. The fact that I was eating this while drinking beer made it a little weird but I like that they mix the morning after food with the night before drinks and make no apologies.

A fiesta loco and so much fun!

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