Monday, June 10, 2013

Sox Game, Running and Pesto

Parade at The Cell
I started the weekend out by taking my little guy to the Sox game at which he got to parade around the field before the game with his T-Ball team.  The only thing more fun than a baseball game is getting to see your son this excited to be on the baseball field.
Foster Ave. Beach - Run Start Point
As if the baseball game wasn't awesome enough; my run this weekend was much better than last weekend's painful slog.  The weather was perfect, I hydrated and took in GU along the trail which made the difference between being able to function and being a hot mess, like last weekend.
Hot Pink Roses
Then a friend stood in a very long line to get me the Farmers Market Doughnuts, met me back at my place and, wait for it...the doughnuts were warm and they came with gorgeous roses.
Basil for Munch Pesto
Finally, a challenge.  I ate at Munch, a vegetarian restaurant in Oak Park and I ordered the special which was pesto pasta.  The pesto was vegan and I absolutely loved it; so much so that I tried to sweet talk the recipe out of the waitress.  Apparently the recipe came from the owner's Grandmother and it would not be revealed.  In fact, the waitress kept looking nervously over her shoulder like she was divulging C.I.A secrets as I tried to gently coax the ingredients out of her.  I was able to get a few tips on how the pesto was made before she ran off claiming she needed to help another customer.  I will be attempting to replicate that recipe and taste in the coming days.  

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