Monday, February 1, 2016

Potato Chip Cookies and Iowa Caucus Night

Iowa caucus night!!  Woohoo!  Election season is here and we are off to the races.  Can you feel the excitement?  I can!  Is there anything better in this great country than election season?  Um, NOOOOO!  I don't watch sports or go to church because politics is my religion.

So, the Republicans are a total mess and Hillary Clinton is doing her very best to help us remember why the Clintons, despite all of their articulate brilliance, cannot seem to keep themselves out of trouble and looking suspicious.  As a woman who would love to see a woman in the White House, my reaction is like, ARGH! God!!!  Why can't you just come clean, tell everyone you made a mistake with your stupid emails so we can all move on?  But nooooo. Stonewalling is always the reaction and that is just a big pile of catnip for the press and the Republicans.  Infuriating.  P.S. I carry an iPhone for work and one for personal stuff.  It's not hard and I don't have a Huma.  P.P.S. The Wall Street speeches and money look way shady.  Stop it.  We all saw, The Big Short.

Then there's Bernie.  What can I even say about that guy?  My bleeding heart loves him but my realistic knowledge of how laws get passed know that there is no way on earth that he will be able to make college free and pass universal healthcare.  God love him but I think we should all be counting our lucky stars that the Affordable Care Act was passed and stood up to several court challenges.  All of that said, if I was 23, I would be probably be working for the man.

The Republican party is like an overly hormonal teenager searching for who they are and screaming at their parents, "I HATE YOU!"  I am laughing and crying at the same time.

Oh, you want the cookie recipe?  It's here.  Salty and sweet, kind of like the elections.  Actually more salty...way more salty than sweet.  The election, not the cookie.  The cookie is tasty and would be even better with the chocolate dip.

On to New Hampshire.  Live free or die.    


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