Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mashed Potato Fudge

The after holiday diet has obviously been put on hold.  Or you could just eat this and nothing else for the rest of the day.  Gasp!  Yes.  I had to!  It was a rough week.  Bowie died.  Let's Dance, Under Pressure, Fame, The Man Who Sold the World...you get the idea, I am an 80's child and those were some of the best days of my childhood.  Then he married  Iman.  Oh my God!  Gorgeous couple and both so huge in the 80's.  Bowie dying is yet one more piece of my childhood that has gone away like Garbage Pal Kids, big hair, The Golden Girls, and shoulder pads.  My nostalgia runneth over.  

So, here is the recipe from Saveur for mashed potato fudge.  One modification I made was to mix the walnuts in with the fudge rather than sprinkle them on top.  Or you can go without any nuts at all.  Go crazy.  Oh, and yes, they were delicious.        

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