Saturday, March 28, 2015

News, Quirks, Insights, and Other Odds and Ends - March 2015

Spring Break is here and I am headed off for a Cruise with the kiddo.  The picture above captures how I am feeling about being on a boat where no one can reach me.  Cheers!

Hale to all things Bourbon.

Could not be happier that these jeans are back in style.  They make we look way skinny.  Win!!  Down side is that this pair had to be taken up by about 8 inches.  Fashion is a cruel world to us standing at 5'4.

Selfie-stick etiquette.  I first saw these peculiar contraptions on a boat out to Las Caletas, which, by the way, you should do if you happen to be in Puerta Vallerta and you have kids (see picture above).  So much fun.  Anyway, so the people on the boat who were using them clearly had not been educated on the etiquette of the selfie-stick.

Crazy coffee.  Crazy indeed.

There are Reindeer People in Mongolia.  Amazing that I find pictures every day that blow my mind.

Although I am not from Australia, I can relate to family in far off places and the sweet and sad emotions that come from moving further and further from our childhood into the life we make for ourselves.  This article is about so much more than falling in love 10,000 miles from home.

I have always loved Suze Orman for her sound investing and spending advice.  She is moving on from CNBC and that means I have to find something else to do on Saturday nights.

Post workout recovery nutrition.  Increasingly important as the years pile on.

Know what ABC technology is in reference to Lululemon's man workout wear?  You are about to find out.

All of a sudden, my business travel headaches don't seem so bad.  At least I can look out the window and walk in the front door of the hotel.  Not so much if you are POTUS.

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