Saturday, November 7, 2009

Atlanta Farmer's Market

Oh how I love a farmer's market. It was a sunny and just warm enough day in Midtown Atlanta and everyone was soaking up the sunshine with their kids and dogs. A quick note here; folks in Atlanta love their dogs, I think I counted three dogs per person.

I think the pictures speak for themselves but I would like to point out the beautiful orange tomato looking fruit in the second photo which are called persimmons. According to Wikipedia, a persimmon was known to the ancient Greeks as "fruit of the Gods." I had never tasted a persimmon before and it was surprisingly sweet and crisp but also disconcerting because it looked like I was biting into a tomato. We brought a few back to my brother's place and made a sweet and salty salad with mixed greens, goat cheese, pine nuts, pomegranates with a balsamic vinaigrette. This is a wonderful fruit if you can find it and I am will be seeking these out in Chicago when I get back.

One final note; the last picture is of my brother, Matt and his wife, Molly holding her farmer's market flowers. Could these two be any cuter? Their names are even cute together. Yes, they are as in love with each other as they look and have been for the past ten years. Aw, sigh.

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  1. Your farmers market pictures are just wonderful! Ah, if only we could still have farmers markets at this time of year here in the north. :)

    Hope you enjoyed your trip!