Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cooking in Bali

Last summer, I went to Bali for surfing, yoga, and cooking...and yes, I am just getting around to posting.  I went to a "Goddess Retreat" and it was everything they promised it would be and more.   To describe the experience as anything less than life changing would not be doing it justice.  Bali is an incredible place with a spiritual culture and attitude that swept me off my feet.  If it were not for my son and little dog back home, there is no way I would have come back to the U.S. 

I surfed a lot and found out that I absolutely suck at at it.  That really is the only word to describe my skills.  I would post a surfing picture to give everyone a good laugh but I am not a masochist.  
On the bright side, I loved the two a day yoga sessions and activities like this cooking class.  Outside, fresh, lovely instructors, perfect weather and of course, absolutely delicious.  I loved the use of ingredients and spices I rarely use at home, such as ginger and lemongrass.  They also use produce that I can never find at home, such as dragonfruit.  Even if I can find it at home, it does not taste as sweet as it did in Bali, thinking of papaya and mangoes.

Yes, all of the women in Bali are as gorgeous as the lovely chef who aided my cooking.

Lemongrass with fish molded on top.
Dessert.  A sweet egg roll with coconut and caramel inside.  

The table settings would put Martha Stewart to shame.   The gorgeous landscape is used everywhere.
You can tell this is a woman's retreat that is run by women.  Gorgeously set tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Clean eating never looked so delicious. 
Notice the bruises on my legs.  Those are surfing wounds, my friends. 
These little offerings (Canang sari) are all over Bali.  In front of restaurants, random places on the street, on the dashboards of taxi's...everywhere.  Offerings to the Gods.

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